Fix Form Paver

Optional Accessories :
Slope wedges, Fabricated Rail, High frequency Needle Vibrators, Works platform, Grooving arrangement, PVC inserter


Mo d e l  
Available width of the pavers Starts f rom 3 Mtr and available up to 15 Mtr width
Prime Mover
Drive End Panel 5 HP Geared motor
Vibratory Cylinder 5 HP Geared motor
Bogie RH & LH 1 HP x 1 HP electrical geared motor
Vibratory Motor 1 HP
Traction System
Traction Drive Two electrically Driven double flanged bogie wheels
Traction Speed 0 -22 RPM
Extra long screw Augur with harden flights for durability  
Shock protections
Overload protections
Adjustable carriage movement with variable speed drive  


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